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Frequently Asked Questions

  • 何歳から始められますか?
    子供クラスは小学生から。一般クラスは中学生からです。 Q: From what age can you begin practice? A: Our kids classes start from elementary school (1st Grade). Our regular practice starts from Jr. High School age.
  • 武道経験が全くありませんが大丈夫ですか?
    合気道を基本としていますので、老若男女問わず誰でも出来ます。初心者クラスで基本動作から優しく指導しますのでご心配いりません。 Q: Is it OK that I don't have any previous martial arts experience? A: Absolutely yes. Since our practice is based on Aikido, anyone, regardless of their age gender or physical capabillities can practice with us. Please don't be concerned as we will teach you the basic movements gently starting in our beginner's class.
  • 道着は必要ですか?
    入門1ヶ月以内に道着を着用していただきます。購入はe-bogu japan で高級450G合気道衣セットがおすすめです。女性の場合はオプションで道着内側に内紐をつけます。洗濯すると縮むので、1サイズ大きいものを購入すると良いです。もし以前武道をやっておられて道着をお持ちの場合はそれをご使用なさっても結構です。ただし組手の稽古がありますので、空手の道着は不向きです。 Q: Do I need to wear a Dogi? A: Yes. You'll need to purchase a dogi within one month of starting practice at Nenshinryu Budo. We typically purchase from the eBogu website ( If you have been doing martial arts before and already have a dogi, that will be acceptable for practice. Howevrer, because we have a number of techniques that require a stronger Dogi material a light dogi (such as a karate dogi) is not suitable for our practices and will not be allowed.
  • 体力に自信がなく運動が苦手ですが出来ますか?
    試合もなく自分のペースで出来ますので、運動の苦手な人でも大丈夫です。ただし、医者から運動制限されている方はご遠慮いただいております。 Q: I'm not confident about my physical strength and I'm not very good at exercising. Will I be able to participate in your practices? A: Yes, you can with us at your own pace. Because we don't have any competitive tournaments, even people who are not good at physical exercise can join us. However, if a doctor or physician has recommended that you refrain from physical exercise, it is not possible to join our practices.
  • 入会前に見学や体験が出来ますか?
    見学は稽古時であればいつでも可能です(上級クラス以外)。体験は初心者のクラスを予約をしていただいて有料(2,000円)で可能です。体験時には動きやすい服装と飲み物をご持参下さい。 Q: Can I participate in a trial class or watch a practice session prior to joining your Dojo? A: Yes, watching any practice session (except for black belt classes) is possible any time that we are training. Trial classes (beginner level only) are also available for a fee (2,000 yen). If you do join our trial class, please wear comfortable clothes and bring your own drink.
  • 仕事の都合や病気で稽古を休んでしまうかもしれません。
    月1回の振替制度があります。該当クラスの別曜日で定員数に空きがあれば、振替で稽古が可能です。ただし、定員数に空きがない場合は振替えは出来ませんのでご了承下さい。 Q: Is it possible for me to be absent from practice due to my responsibilities at work, or if I am ill? A: Yes, we have an online booking system where you can change to another practice day one time every month. If there is a vacancy on another day of the week for the same level class, you can practice by transferring your place in class to this different day. However, please note that transfers cannot be made if there are no vacancies on a specific practice day.
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